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As the Great Depression began in 1929, Don Pedro Cortés Forteza, a man with vision and determination, embarked on the mission of believing in the great potential of Caribbean cacao, and founded Cortés Hermanos in the Dominican Republic. A reflection of his dedication and commitment to quality, he named the product after himself, thus marking the birth of Chocolate Cortés. In 1931, Don Pedro began exporting chocolate to Puerto Rico, and quick to spot an opportunity, he started manufacturing it on Puerto Rican soil. Thanks to his work ethic, discipline and leadership, our company has experienced sustained growth since its inception.

  • 8 abril, 2016


    Company foundation

    Don Pedro was renowned for fostering the tradition of quality and commitment to customer service that to this day characterizes Cortés. more
  • 8 abril, 2016


    Cortés Chocolate is exported to Puerto Rico

    Don Pedro began exporting chocolate to Puerto Rico, and as soon as he saw an opportunity, he began to process it on the island in 1937. That same year, he created the company and the industrial elaboration of Cortés Chocolate in Puerto Rico. more
  • 8 abril, 2016


    Exports to the United States

    Don Ignacio Cortés del Valle, son of Don Pedro, set the company out to compete successfully in the international market with semi-processed cocoa products as well as consumer products. more
  • 8 abril, 2016


    Embajador Chocolate launch

    Company launches Embajador chocolate, still leader in its category today, and opens its new factory.more
  • 8 abril, 2016


    Sobrino Instant Cocoa is here

    Cocoa Sobrino Instant is distributed and to this day leads its market segment thanks to its great flavor and quality. more
  • 8 abril, 2016


    Expansion stage

    Modernization, renovation and expansion of the cocoa gathering and storage facilities in the Dominican Republic. more
  • 8 abril, 2016


    Cortés Premium line presented

    Cortés Premium is delicious, creamy chocolate available in five flavors to please chocolate lovers: Almonds, Cone, Cone and Cream, Coffee and Cocoa. more
  • 8 abril, 2016


    Casa Cortés honors Caribbean art

    Casa Cortés in Old San Juan is the meeting place to learn about and enjoy Caribbean art.more
  • 8 abril, 2016


    Chocobar opens in Old San Juan

    The Cortés ChocoBar is a new and innovative gastronomic space where chocolate plays the starring role. Located on the ground floor of Casa Cortés, it is here that the historic past of our capital city merges with art and the warmth of first-class service, and where you can enjoy a varied selection of food and drinks all made from the wide range of products from Chocolate Cortés corporate group. more
  • 8 abril, 2016


    Introduced Forteza Caribbean Chocolate

    Forteza is a line of fine Caribbean Chocolates produced with the best cocoa grown in the Dominican Republic and Puerto Rico. more
  • 27 mayo, 2016


    We Want To See You Smile!

    As part of our commitment to satisfying the palate of the consumer, we launched this campaign in the Dominican Republic in 2015 and in Puerto Rico in 2016 under the slogan "We want to see you smile!", which aims to strengthen ties with consumers by appealing to positivism and inviting consumers to share their smiling pictures on social networks. more